A Day in the Life of Zoey, the Corporate Hound

Posted by Elizabeth Paulsen on 15 May 2014

zoey02Zoey is a ten year old basset, husky, chow mix.  Adopted from a private rescue agency at the age of ten weeks and the runt of a litter of five girls, she quickly established herself as Corporate Hound at CeSI. Each morning at around 5 am she is greeted by Vice President, Glynn Paulsen.  Later at around 6:30 am she is greeted by President, Elizabeth Paulsen, who gives her fresh water and food and one biscuit treat.

Next between the hours of 7:15 and 9:15 am she greets each of the arriving staff, Wesley Redding, Charles Williams and Jeff Newhall.  Following each greeting she expects her "I welcomed him" biscuit treat from the President.  She is very good at counting.  If a treat isn't forthcoming for each arrival she nudges the President and speaks in a cheerful "url whurl" voice every few minutes until the full count is received.

Throughout the day she alternates between keeping watch near the front door or on the back lawn.  While she loves to bask in the sun, her ears are ever alert for arrivals of clients, vendors or family members that may come and go throughout the day.  

When she wants to go outdoors she nudges Charles who currently has Corporate Hound Back Door Opening Duty by virtue of having a work station that is nearest the slider door.  When she is ready to come back in she paws at the door until someone hears and opens it.  She is not especially happy when all the staff have head phones on, but she is generally patient and knows how to "knock" on the door when a simple paw doesn't get attention.

While she isn't interested in eating "people food", she does prefer to eat when the President is eating.

She knows when the President and Vice President need a break as she brings her favorite squeaky toy of the day to each of them to play a bit of fetch.  While she is an uncommonly long dog with short legs, she leaps and catches her toys mid-air.  She likes to play tug of war but is quite gentle with her toys and she is good at responding to the word "release".  It should be noted that all four of her current squeaky toys were gifts from client, Camille Patha.

Zoey serves as Day and Night Corporate Security in that she is the first to hear a car pull up or a voice on the front or back lawn.

She asks to greet every customer, but the President decides which visitors are greetable and which are not and she obediently exits the back door when she is told a visitor is not greetable.

On occasion she lets staff know when she considers someone ungreetable.  She emits a low hound "growl" that is clearly distinct from the treat request "url whurl" and the happy "haroo" that she shares with dogs that border corporate property on three sides and two corners.  Odd that the growl appears to be reserved for people who come to the door to discuss religion or utilities.  Staff have yet to figure out what could be in common.

Zoey is not the first to hold the position of CeSI Corporate Hound but she is the longest tenured and most serious about her role.  The former terrier dachsund mix and cockapoo, simply didn't put forth the same passion for the role.

Please join us in celebrating Zoey's success as a first rate Corporate Hound!

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