How to Prevent Hacking of a WordPress Website

Posted by Elizabeth Paulsen on 26 February 2015

nohackWordPress is a very popular platform for building and maintaining a website and therefore there are many web developers who build in WordPress.

However, due to this very popularity WordPress websites also are a huge target for hackers.

Most web developers do not have the programming and server support knowledge to repair a hacked WordPress website.

Through 15 years of web programming experience our company has developed special expertise in restoring hacked WordPress websites.  Note: Hacked websites are removed from Google Search’s active index and frequently are sealed off by the companies that are hosting them and so restoring the websites involves far more steps than just simply removing malicious code.

Through this experience we have learned that there are several keys to preventing attack.

  1. Choose your hosting company wisely. Some, like GoDaddy, take no responsibility for when a website gets hacked while others like will be the first to spot a hack, quarantine the website and notify the owner of the nature of the hack.
  2. Select and maintain highly secure user names and passwords.
  3. Choose a WordPress theme that is built for all the functionality desired in the website.
  4. Only use plugins that were built from the start to work in the theme you have selected.
  5. Limit the number of plugins installed because each plugin adds more complexity to the website and therefore adds more vulnerability to hacking and more fragility to the website.
  6. Limit customization of the theme and plugins because customization typically leads to the need for extra coding upon every update of WordPress and plugin installed in the website.
  7. Set up and sustain regular back up of the website's files and database.
  8. Upgrade WordPress and all plugins immediately after upgrades become available and perform any extra coding needed to keep the customization after each upgrade.

If your WordPress website has gone missing, contact us at We are likely to be able to help you with identifying the source of the problem and to help restore the website even if no backups are available.

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