Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so here are a few ideas for you and your valentine. Notice, we said around Seattle, not “in” Seattle. The goal with these date ideas is to keep things simple and give you unique, fresh ways to celebrate. If you’ve already done all things Seattle for date night, it may be time to give Seattle Southside a try.

Dinner & A Movie – This is a twist on a go-to date for many people. Head up to Bellevue for dinner at the Lincoln South Food Hall. They just opened in January 2018 with 6 different eateries and they are incredible. High quality food with a relaxed feel. Lots of options. You could try snacks from a couple different places or get a full meal from just one location.

There’s a lot of seating to choose from and the design and decor is definitely high end. They make use of a variety of hardwoods in their decor which gives off a warm, cozy and contemporary feel. All in all, there is a ton of great food and drink options to choose from and it’s all delectable and mouthwatering.

After dinner make your way over to the new Cinemark Reserve in Lincoln Square South Theatre. They’ve got super comfy reclining seats with plenty of space between rows, so you can see the screen well. Also, this theatre is for ages 21 and up only, is especially nice on a date night. They have food and drink service as well as a full bar. What I’d suggest, being that this is your after-dinner movie, is to check out their drinks and dessert menu and/or popcorn and candy. Another amazing thing about this place is that you can call over staff with the push of a button on your chair if you need a drink refill or would like to order something.

Bowling & Froyo – Have fun going out, but keep it chill! (Get it?) You could grab froyo at White Cap Frozen yogurt in Burien or Gelato (if that’s more your thing) from Mezzo Gelato Travel Bar and Café also, in Burien. You could also check out Yeti Yogurt in Southcenter, which may come in handy with my next suggestion.

For bowling, I’d suggest ACME Bowl in Southcenter. It’s located in the same shopping center as Yeti Yogurt. ACME Bowl is clean, fun, and has lots of lanes. They also have pool tables so you can play a few games if you ever have to wait for a lane and they have a restaurant so you can grab snack while you bowl. Definitely the makings of a fun date night.

Coffee Shop & Stroll Through Your Favorite Shops – So, the way this works is you grab coffee from your favorite café or coffee shop. This could be someplace like Starbucks or it could be someplace more local like Mike’s Community Cup, Burien Press or Normandy Perk. Coffee shops are a great place to relax and just talk with each other.

Next, you’ll grab your coffee (or your second coffee if you already finished your first cup) and you’ll make your way towards one of your favorite stores. You can check out downtown Burien, Des Moines by the Marina (there are so many cute shops in these areas!) or any other favorites you may have. For me, it’s Target and sometimes Barnes and Noble.

The goal is to just walk around and look at everything, talk, get to know each other better and just relax. At some place like Barnes and Noble you can read a little and make lists of all the books you’d like for birthdays or Christmas. Target is just great for everything. There’s so much to look at. This date doesn’t cost too much and it’s laid back.



Flowers & Chocolate – Everyone knows these gifts have become a bit cliché (especially on Valentine’s Day), but here’s a creative spin on the classic. Go on a walk with your date through the Seatac Botanical Garden. Take a look at all the foliage, flowers, scenery and appreciate their beauty outdoors. You may not get to take them home, but the walk is romantic and this way you get to see lots of foliage (and maybe take some pictures). This garden is open from dawn to dusk every day of the year.

Either before or after your stroll through the garden, you can head down to Southcenter for a tour of the Seattle Chocolate Factory. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and tours run the same days during the hours of 10am to 3pm. I’ve heard great things about these tours. You get a behind the scenes look at the chocolate-making process, a brief lesson on the history of chocolate and (perhaps the best part) FREE SAMPLES! You get to taste some of their chocolate throughout the tour. Definitely more interesting than a box of chocolates. Schedule your tour here. https://www.experiencechocolate.co/book-a-tour

Go to A Fancy Dinner with A View – For this one there’s a few places you could go for this, but my suggestion would be Anthony’s HomePort in Des Moines. They are located right on the water down by the marina. The view may vary depending on the weather and where you’re seated, but it’s always beautiful. Even more important than the view, the food here is phenomenal. I’ve actually been to this restaurant for Valentine’s Day twice before. I really love it. They usually have some sort of special for the holiday.

They have candles on the tables and little vases with a few flowers. The ambiance is warm, cozy and romantic. My only caution is to try and get a reservation ahead of time. You can get in without one sometimes, but why risk it? The other great thing about going here is that after dinner, you can go for a walk down the marina. It’ll probably be a bit brisk, so bring a jacket!

Dream A Little – This one is a cheap or free option, but romantic and fun just the same! Gather up some of your favorite snacks, park to watch airplanes and come up with bucket lists together. Being that we live so close to an airport, there are lots of places to park where you can see airplanes. This is definitely a relaxed date, but sometimes that’s the best kind.

You can write your bucket lists alone or together. You can add things on your list that are for both of you to do together or that are a goal just for you. After you’ve completed your lists it can be fun to share them and come up with ways to start checking things off. What’s great about sharing this with someone else is that they can challenge and encourage you to take action and help you meet your goals. Plus, this is a great way to get to know each other better!

So, this Valentine’s get creative, use your imagination and have fun! If you liked these date ideas, please let us know. Also, we’d love to hear any other date ideas you have! Share them with us on our social media and share “5 Date Ideas around Seattle This Valentine’s Day” with your friends. Thanks for reading!