Winter is quickly approaching and you know what that means, IT’S HOT CHOCOLATE SEASON! Now, of course, you can have hot chocolate in fall or spring or anytime really, but there’s just something magical about drinking cocoa around Christmas time. So, we figured we’d put together this list of some of the best places to find ready-to-drink hot cocoa. This way you’ll be able to drink some of the best hot chocolate in town while you find your Christmas tree, finish your Christmas shopping or drive around looking at lights

Dilettante – This chocolate shop/mocha cafe has some of the best drinking chocolate around. Many of my friends agree, it’s their favorite. It’s rich and of course, chocolaty. They even serve it with extra chocolate that melts into when they serve it to you. There is a shop in Kent as well as one in the airport, in addition to a few other locations around the Seattle area. You can pick up a cup of this cocoa before you board your flight, or while you strolling around Kent Station finishing up some Christmas shopping.

Jewel Box Cafe – I have not been here yet, but a friend recommended this place to me and the reviews are solid. This friend of mine loved their hot chocolate and said “…the atmosphere is fun and hip.” This shop has a location in Northgate and in Tacoma. They serve crepes, espresso, salads, baked goods, bubble tea and more in addition to their hot cocoa.

Moore Coffee Shop – This is another shop that was suggested by a friend. She loves their hot chocolate and after browsing through their website, I like the variety on their menu and the look of their shop. I’m looking forward to trying this place out for myself.

Storyville – There are locations for this shop all around the Seattle area. Every one I’ve been to has been cute and cozy. They have great coffee, wonderful customer service and they serve up a mean hot chocolate. I’ve heard many friends recommend this establishment over the years.

Auntie Irene’s – This gem can be found in Des Moines down by the marina. They are an adorable little coffee shop that serves amazing ice cream, baked goods, salads, sandwiches, espresso and hot chocolate. This shop has a drive through as well. You can stop by and get an ice cream cone AND a hot chocolate without even getting out of your car!

Mike’s Community Cup – Mike’s is a great place to cozy up with a cup of cocoa and one of your favorite baked goods, bagels or sandwiches. The name of this place really rings true. Whenever I go here and want to spice up my drinks with fun flavors, the staff are always great sports, so you may be able to experiment a bit with some fun flavors in your cocoa.



While we were mainly focused on telling you the best places to find ready-to-drink cocoa, we also thought we’d include a couple of places you can go for hot chocolate mix that you can make at home.

Trader Joe’s – Everybody loves Trader Joe’s! Their peppermint hot chocolate mix is a favorite to many. Who doesn’t love a peppermint cocoa every once in awhile?

Chocolopolis – Located in the Interbay/Queen Anne area of Seattle, this chocolate shop has chocolate (obviously), gifts, and a variety of drinking chocolates in unique flavors. They have a peanut butter drinking chocolate that I would love to try!

Pinterest – Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for incredible recipes you can make at home. There are so many varieties and options! (Crock-pot hot chocolate is my absolute favorite. There’s even a white chocolate version!)

Thank you for reading “The Best Hot Chocolate in Town”! We hope that this post has given you a few ideas of where to go the next time that you’re craving hot chocolate. We’d love to hear about any other favorites you may have, so be sure to find us social media and share this with your friends.