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Roles Found in Successful Businesses

While every business is unique, successful businesses are built with the support of the following roles. The optimist – On a daily basis this individual envisions and speaks of success and exhorts others to do the same. This individual’s optimism is so strong that it is contagious. Staff, prospects and vendors all have an opportunity

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Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Business

Preparing to sell your business can be both exciting and scary. Considering that many business owners have worked hard to build, grow and maintain their businesses, it can feel very uncertain handing off years of hard work. For others, it can be freeing. But, I think we can all agree that if you try to

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Is your business improving?

While some business owners look to their financials to determine whether their business is doing better, many small business owners also look to the following indicators. They know business is better when: Management isn’t panicked when some high maintenance customers go elsewhere. Management begins to test new services and markets. Pay raises and/or year-end bonuses are

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20 Ways to Keep Google from Listing Your Web Pages in Search Results

In twenty years of optimizing websites for the search engines, I’ve often been called in to remedy business websites that have had disastrous results in the search engines. In each case a prior webmaster or search engine optimization (SEO) service provider had employed abusive and/or neglectful strategies. 20 of these abuses and neglectful practices are

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10 Ways to Know It’s Time to Update Your Website

You know it’s time to remake your company’s website when… A first-time visitor says, “Ahh, I see your website is older than I am.” Only your mother can find it. A new customer comes to your store, sits down and cries, “It didn’t look like this online!” Your staff tells you that the website just

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Why Implement Reputation Management?

Every company has service or product failures. Customers: Don’t care why the service or product failures happened and don’t want excuses. Do want to know that the business has identified and remedied the cause of those failures. May stay with (or return to) a business that has identified and remedied the cause of past failures.

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Considering bringing your social media work in-house?

There are essentially two options for supporting social media posting, engagement, and reputation management. One option is to assign an employee the responsibility for posting, monitoring, and engaging with customers through social media. The other is to engage a contractor to do this work. The benefits of having an employee support social media efforts: An

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What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is the process of responding to reviews expressed publicly by customers and the media. Historically this work was performed by public relations professionals and was communicated through print, radio, and television.(1) The goal of reputation management is to maintain a positive image for a business or organization. How has reputation management changed? Reputation

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A Soggy Doggy Kind of Love

Each of our clients offer something special to the Puget Sound area. I continue to confess to my colleagues that I have managed to develop a little crush on each of our patrons. My latest heart throb takes me back to one of my first loves, my pets. Soggy Doggy continues to impress me. They

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Introducing Jaimeson Waugh

Jaimeson Waugh graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science in “Multimedia Design & Development” in 2015, but has been doing web design since 2002, making Neopets pages in HTML at 11. Jaimeson joined CeSI last November & started full-time in December. Jaimeson likes to study & read about as much as possible about

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