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Project: All About Automotive

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All About Automotive homepage


Create a more modern, professional design that fits this business’s brand, make it secure and make it load quickly to improve user experience, and revise its content so that it is more useful and easier to find for users looking for automotive assistance.


We designed and developed a new WordPress theme.

We minified and optimized resources and used browser and server caching, compression, and responsive-loading to cut down page load as much as possible and used security headers to keep the website secure.

We also conducted in-depth keyword research and optimized meta titles and descriptions for each page and revised their content to improve their readability for both humans and search engines.

We continue updating and maintaining the website and continue providing SEO consultation and monthly reporting.


The website has a 96% A PageSpeed Score and 89% B YSlow score on GTmetrix and has an A ranking on

From October 2020 to August 2023 Monthly Goal Completions increased 264%.

Their Google My Business average rating is 4.6 stars out of 5.

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