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Project: Angle Lake Neighborhood Church

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Angle Lake neighborhood church


We have worked with Angle Lake Neighborhood Church for many years and within that time have created three new website designs for them to keep their website modern and competitive.

For their most recent website, we wanted to make sure it was easier for all of their members to use, even those who were not tech savvy, so that it would better represent their church and be easy to update with community news and media.

Members may have low- or high-end devices, so we needed to make sure the website runs quickly and shows up correctly on any device; and to protect member's trust that they can safely visit this website, we needed to ensure this website is secure.

We also needed to maintain the quality of the text and other content to improve user experience and search engine ranking.


We created a simpler website using a pared-down color palette with green and tan colors that represents our Pacific Northwest community.

The website uses responsively-loaded images to minimize download time on mobile devices while keeping quality high on large screens and uses server and browser caching to minimize running redundant code and downloading the same resources multiple times.

The website has widgets where news items can easily be added and a gallery page with Instagram integration so Instagram images will automatically be added to the page.

To keep the website text high quality, we have been involved with copywriting and revising and editing text to make it easier for both people and search engines to understand. We provide these services not just for the website, but also for regular blast emails.

We continue to update and maintain the website.


First time visitors to the church report they found the church online and the website has an 88 Accessibility rating on Google's PageSpeed Insights and a B ranking on Security Headers test.

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