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Project: Camille Patha

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Camille Patha homepage


We have worked with Patha for more than a decade, and over that time we have created three website designs to keep her website up-to-date with contemporary design standards.

For the newest website we needed to improve mobile user experience and provide a more interesting way to organize and show off her artwork.

The new website also needed higher-quality photos of the paintings that would look good even on large monitors.


We created a new website using collage and slider plugins for giving users an easy way to look over artwork both in bulk and individually. This new website was created with progressive enhancement in mind so that it still works on as many devices as we reasonably can make it.

We also applied security headers to protect the new website from cross-site scripting attacks.

We recommended a professional photographer, Dan DeVries, and set up an appointment for them to go down to the studio and take photos and joined them to assist with keeping records for each photo.


While the old website had an F on, the new website has an A and a GTmetric Grae of 100% A.

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