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Project: Green Countertops Direct

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Green Countertops Direct homepage


Green Countertops Direct needed an e-commerce website with a more modern, professional design and custom functionality for loading spreadsheets as product lists not found in any popular e-commerce service. They also needed it to run quickly and securely and to have high-quality content to improve user experience and search engine ranking.


We made a new website using WordPress and WooCommerce with a custom theme and wrote custom PHP code for loading spreadsheets as product lists.

We implemented responsive image loading, image optimization, minification, compression, browser and server cache, and a CDN (content delivery network) to make the website load as quickly as possible.

We used security headers to keep the website secure from cross-site scripting attacks.

We performed keyword research and used this to write content and revise and edit already-existing content to make it more readable for users and make it easier to find relevant new customers on search engines.

We continue to update and maintain the website and continue providing SEO consultation and reporting.


The website has a 98% A Structure score on GTmetrix and the website has an A rating on

Monthly Goal Completions have increased by 260%.

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