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Project: Holy Trinity Lutheran School

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Holy Trinity Lutheran School homepage


This website was insecure due to lacking a security certificate and security headers, was slow to load and use, and did not have the optimal content for attracting attention from potential customers and search engines.


We applied many optimizations, including using server and browser caching to decrease time spent running scripts and loading resources, using a content delivery network, and optimizing images. We also made the website run on HTTP/2, allowing for parallel loading of resources.

We gave the website a security certificate and security headers to better protect it from cross-site hacking scripts.

We also added social media links to the header so they can be found more easily.

We performed keyword research to find the best keywords for reaching the most relevant results on search engines and wrote, revised, and edited website content so that it would be more informative for customers and better for search engines.

We continue to update and maintain the website and continue to provide monthly SEO consultation and reporting.


The website went from having a 66% D score to an 98% A score on GTmetrix.

The website went from having an F to an A on

Average monthly Users has improved by 26% and monthly Goal Completions has increased by 42% since February 2022.

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