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Project: Joyful Motion Pilates

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Joyful Motion Pilates homepage


Joyful Motion Pilates needed a website whose design is elegant but professional and fits the company’s brand, while also being simple and easy to navigate. This website also needed high-quality text that excelled at both speaking to customers and helping search engines deliver results to relevant customers.


We created a website in Wordpress with a custom theme using a simple, single-column layout using mostly white and black, with selective use of the brand’s pastel colors for highlights.

To build the website’s search engine ranking positions and user experience, we carried out keyword research and composed, revised, and edited content for each page. We also optimized page speed using responsive image loading, compression, and caches and optimized and minified all resources.

To keep the website secure from cross-site scripting attacks, we applied security headers.

We continue to update and maintain the website.


The website has a 96% A speed score on GTmetrix and has an A ranking on

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