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Project: Shirey Home Pro

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Shirey needed to improve the text on their website, email newsletters, and social media to make it more effective for customers and SEO and needed a way to attract new customers.


We performed keyword research and used our findings to revise and edit the content on their website to make it more readable for users and to help search engines match this website with the most relevant results. We continue to monitor their website and report to them regularly on how they are doing and of any opportunities we find for improvements.

We continue ghostwriting, revising, and editing new pages and blog posts on their website, email newsletters, and social media posts. We also help them manage their newsletter and social media, including reputation management and handling user interaction on social media.

We set up and manage pay-per-click advertisements to help them attract more customers and give them regular reports on their results.


Their Google Maps listing has improved form 3.07 in December 2019 to 4.4 stars in June 2023.

Their Facebook average rating is 4.6 stars.

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