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How to Keep Your Business Healthy During the Coronavirus Recession

Written by Elizabeth Paulsen
August 6, 2020

Even though the economy is suffering during this tough time due to the pandemic, we are fortunate enough to have received some very unique and fun projects from our clients. Therefore, we are excited to share a few of our newest, coolest projects!

Ever got lost in the rabbit hole of taking fun quizzes online like the ones that tell you which cartoon princess you are or which superhero you are? Well, we have too! That’s why we were inspired to create an online quiz for our client Lake Burien Physical Therapy that helps their patients learn what kind of workout they should incorporate into their daily lives. Their patients can find the quiz at When they follow the prompts that ask four questions about their preferences and abilities, they are led to a few different types of activities that they may have never thought to try before! We loved creating the quiz and loved hearing how much Lake Burien Physical Therapy’s patients enjoyed it.

Another project that we recently completed for Lake Burien Physical Therapy was an online game that helps patients learn to identify all the staff in their masks. Their patients can find the game at The game involves studying the photos of staff in their masks in order to try to match the person to the correct name. If the patient gets it right, a photo of the staff without their mask will replace the photo of them with their mask on. This game is not only fun for their patients, but it also helps them recognize teach staff’s face so that when they visit the clinic, they feel like they already know everyone!

The project we just completed for Joyful Motion Pilates was also exciting. We created a website for the business. It is the business’s first website ever!  We had a lot of fun in the process of getting to know the owner/trainer and a few of us even took one of the Pilates classes. Through participation in the class we learned a lot about Pilates, the business’s history, and the business owner’s passion for this type of exercise. After this experience, it was easy for us to capture the vision! We got to work on the new website after catching the passion for Pilates and experiencing the health advantages of having focused on proper posture and technique and having burned a good many calories. Check out the new website at!

We feel fortunate and grateful to be able to help our clients strengthen their businesses during the Coronavirus Recession. Oftentimes, the tactics that work best for business and marketing are the unconventional ideas especially during tough times.

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Elizabeth Paulsen, President

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