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Project: Ascend Prime

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Ascend Prime needed an exquisitely designed website to serve an exquisite restaurant, but still be responsive. This website needed to be just as usable and enjoyable on mobile devices as desktops, while still being fast enough to not hurt user experience and search engine rankings.

Ascend Prime also needed us to monitor social media for reviews and comments by customers to ensure customer interests are served.


To make the website run faster, even with so many images, we optimized all images and made them all responsive so screens would only need to download images the size just big enough to see clearly. We also set up server and browser caching to minimize how much PHP must run before the page reaches the user.

We applied security headers to better protect the website from cross-scripting exploits.

We also checked Ascend Prime's social media daily and acted as a communication link between social media customers and Ascend Prime staff to make serving social media customers' interests smooth and efficient.


Ascend Prime went from having an F rank in Sophos’s Security Headers Test to a B rank.

Within 180 days of official launch, Ascend Prime's website jumped to 16,000 monthly visits, its Facebook page has gained over a thousand followers with a general 4.6-star rating, and its Yelp has gained over 150 reviews with a general 3.5-star rating.