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Project: City Fish

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City Fish needed a new website with a more modern, professional design and a shopping cart system with custom shipping calculations and needed this website to run quickly and operate securely.

We also needed to ensure the text and other content remains high quality to improve user experience and search engine ranking and help the company find more customers.


Since the closed-source content management system the old website was on made it impossible to apply some of the necessary optimizations, we remade the website in WordPress with WooCommerce, which are both open-source, giving us complete control over the code and allowing us to fine-tune shipping calculations more than before, and convenient so that we did not go over the client’s budget.

We redesigned the website with a cleaner user interface to make it easier for users to find the information they need and find and purchase the products they want.

To make the website run faster, we applied various optimizations, such as minification, combining files, optimizing images, responsively loading images, using a CDN (content delivery network), and much more.

To keep the website secure from cross-site scripting attacks, we applied security headers.

We performed keyword research and wrote, revised, and edited content to be more readable for users and make the website more likely to be found by relevant users on search engines.

We continue to update and maintain the website and continue providing SEO consulting and reporting.


City Fish’s new website has an 90% PageSpeed score on GTmetrix and has an A rating on

Their Google My Business page’s average rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars and they receive almost 50,000 searches monthly.