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Project: Daily Dote

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Daily Dote needed PDFs full of images turned into a responsive, accessible, and usable site that maintained the right branding look and would be ready for adding shopping functionality directly into the site without slowing it down too much.

Since this website will involve people buying things, keeping it secure is of utmost importance.


We used an altered WooCommerce theme that uses the minimal elements needed for the shopping system to work to minimize how much users have to download to use the site and optimized the way scripts like jQuery were loaded so they load faster and do not block loading the main page itself.

We use responsively-loaded images to load the smallest image big enough to show in the user's browser window in full quality so large screens can get great quality images without slowing down smaller, mobile screens.

For security, we used security headers to keep the general site itself safe from cross-site script hacking and will use official, proven services for handling credit cards.