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Project: Greenway Moving

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Greenway needed a newer, more contemporary design for their website with high-quality content attractive to both search engines and, more importantly, to customers. To better serve customers and search engines, the website also needed to load quickly and be secure.


We contracted out the design of the website to a professional graphic designer to ensure expert-quality design, and then worked from those design documents to develop the website itself.

We spent more than a week revising, editing, and proofreading all the page text to make sure it was as good as we could make it for both user readability and for helping search engines find the most relevant customers.

To make the website load quickly for users, we applied numerous web optimizations, such as responsively-loaded images, compression, and both browser and server caching.

To protect the website from cross-site scripting attacks, we implemented security headers.

We continue to update and maintain the website and provide SEO consultation and reporting.


The website has an 92% A speed score on GTmetrix and has an A rating on

Over the last year mobile users has more than doubled.