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Project: Lincoln South Food Hall

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Lincoln South Food Hall needed a graphically-intensive website that would be visually pleasing enough to entice customers to eat food from their six restaurants. They provided specifically-designed PDFs for each of the six restaurants and the home page to be turned into fully-operational, animated, responsive, secure web pages that were user-friendly and worked quickly.

Lincoln South Food Hall also needed its customers' reviews and comments on various social media read and responded to keep customers happy with their brand.


Using a balance of WordPress tools and custom code, CeSI was able to make a site that looked as good as Lincoln South Food Hall’s other marketing & graphical material, but was still perfectly usable on both mobile & desktop devices.

By minifying, compressing, & caching files & using a Content Delivery Network, CeSI minimized the time it takes users to load

Using security headers like “HTTP Strict Transport Security” (HSTS), “X-Frame-Options”, “X-Xss-Protection”, “X-Content-Type-Options”, “Referrer-Policy”, and “Content Security Policy”, CeSI minimized the chances of being hacked through attacks such as “Cross-Site Scripting”.

Meanwhile, we check Lincoln South's social media daily and act as a communication link between social media and Lincoln South Food Hall's leaders.


Within two months of the website opening, it had gained 5,000 monthly visitors.

Within a year, Lincoln South Food Hall's Facebook page has gained 500 followers with a general 4.9 star rating, its Yelp pages for Lincoln South Food Hall itself and for each of its restaurants have 30 to 60 reviews with a general 4 star rating, and Lincoln South Food Hall has over 100 reviews with a general 4 star review on Google Maps.

Despite being graphically intensive, is 8% above the speed average as ranked by Google PageSpeed & 7% above the speed average for YSlow. has an A ranking in Sophos’ test.