Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc.

Ghostwriting & Copyediting

Many businesses know they need a new website, but they overlook the written content it needs. A website’s most valuable visitors are the most likely to examine the content thoroughly. Don’t risk losing your best prospects by having a weak, uninteresting, or inauthentic message. We deliver content that will appeal to your customers and lead to more sales.

Our Plan:

Marketing Copy Development and Editing – $200/hr

Blog articles and web pages that are fresh and relevant to your target audience and add search-engine-optimized content based on keyword research to your website.
Pages, posts, and replies on social media that get people’s attention and keep them interested in your services.

Our Content Is:


We create copy that is focused on the goals of your business. We aim to be as clear and concise as possible with the intent of driving customers to the website’s “call to action”.


We learn as much as possible about your business. This means the web-copy will be accurate, descriptive, and provide the information that your customers need.

Keyword Inclusive

Within web-text, we tactfully introduce relevant keyword phrases that are valuable to search engines.


Many websites need to provide a lot of information. However, most visitors don’t need all of it. We help prioritize the web-copy so that search engines and customers can easily find the necessary and relevant information.

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