Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc.

Search Engine Optimization Services

What we offer:

Complimentary SEO Review

We offer a complimentary SEO review so clients can see an overview of all the areas in which they could improve their website’s SEO.


In-Depth Keyword Research.

Keywords are a vital part to matching prospective customers on search engines to your website. We can research to find what keywords best match the content on each page to maximize its targeting on search engines.

1 payment of $500

Implementing SEO Improvements

If you need help addressing the improvement opportunities we find, we offer to implement them on your site for you. (Note: this option requires full access to the website, including admin access to any CMSes and cPanel).

1 payment of $500

Monthly SEO Reporting and Consulting and Reputation Management

We can collect data on your website and watch it to keep on top of how well your website is doing, keeping your SEO up to date with changes in Google’s search algorithms. (Note: Google refines their algorithms at least every 10 days).

$200 monthly

About our SEO Review

In our SEO review, we try to gather as much information about your website as we can that might affect your search engine ranking in terms of content, design, and programming. This includes everything from how keyword-rich your content is to how quickly your website loads, and what could be done to improve these problems.

About our Keyword Research

We use various tools to analyze the pages of your website and the topics on which your website is based to see which keywords work best with your website and how well your webpages use those keywords.