I have a new favorite place to go hangout and eat great food! Whether you’re looking for healthy breakfasts that taste great, a place to go for lunch dates, dinners with variety or just to grab a snack, this place is fresh, fun and full of energy while still managing to give off a relaxing feel. As you’ve probably figured out, I’m talking about Lincoln South Food Hall. Located in Bellevue, in Lincoln Square South, this food hall is the first of its kind in the area and its menus are just as innovative as its business model.

Lincoln South Food Hall is a client of ours and it is awesome to have clients with brands that are so easy to support and stand behind. I can honestly say, I don’t just like them because they are a client; I like them because they are intentional about creating an environment that is fun, friendly and has amazing food. They strive for excellence in their service which is shown in action by their staff (including management) who go around picking up trash and dishes. This is really nice of them to do considering that this isn’t a sit-down restaurant, but an open-seating lay out.

This wonderful new addition to Bellevue is owned by serial entrepreneurs, Elaina Herber and Jeffrey Fredericks. The culinary team is led by Executive Chef Daniel Laferriere and the food halls’ menus were created by Chef Kevin Hee. (They’re who we have to thank for such fresh, delicious food!) The rest of the staff is directed by General Manager Reid Kendall; Reid is friendly and can be seen around the food hall serving food and clearing tables.



I could go on and on about their service and their staff, but let’s talk about what really matters, the food.


Being that I am incredibly indecisive and I love variety, it’s like this place was made for me! I can order different foods from 6 different restaurants, run by world class chefs and make 1 awesome meal. Whether I’m in the mood for Mexican, American or pizza I’m covered for these and other options at the food hall. The restaurants that make up Lincoln South Food Hall are:

Avo-Poke – A poke/salad bar with fresh ingredients and toppings that you get to choose to customize your order. They have poke, all sorts of vegetables and of course, avocado! This place has variety and fresh ingredients nailed down and they’re the perfect place to grab something healthy while you’re on the go.

Burger Brawler – Their burger is definitely in my top 3. Quality ingredients are evident in this masterpiece. They have a flavorful prime chopped steak blend, topped with melty taleggio or aged English cheddar depending on which burger you get. The brioche buns are buttered, toasted to perfection and dusted with salt and pepper. Plus, you can add bacon to your burger for $2, which is what I’ll be doing next time! They have more than just burgers too. They have a fish sandwich as well as a falafel veggie burger and an assortment of fries. Last, but not least, they have milkshakes topped with lots of goodies and DEEP FRIED OREOS with cereal infused milk! (How cool is that?!)

Crosta E Vino – This place is an Italian dream come true. They have fresh ingredients with Italian options that can either be ordered to-go or enjoyed in the food hall at their wine bar. C V has pizza in a wide range of flavor combinations from ham and eggs, to clam and prosciutto, chicken and kale and vegetarian options like their ‘shroomin pizza or their organic tomato pizza. As I previously mentioned they have a wine bar, with a variety of wines, ON TAP. One thing I’m looking forward to trying is their plates. They have plates of salami, cheese olives and more and I can’t wait.

Fat & Feathers – So far I’ve only tried the Japanese fried chicken bao here, but the flavors were great and I loved the soft bao bun. I look forward to trying more of their baos and their ramen. The ramen flavors I’m most looking forward to trying are the mushroom ramen and the Mochiko chicken ramen.

Barrio Luchador – Mexican is my favorite food genre overall. So, I always love trying out different places. This joint specializes in street tacos and other street food favorites from their indoor Airstream taco truck. The carne asada taco was wonderful, the char and flavor of the meat was perfect. I added a lime crema sauce to mine and loved it. I also tried their elote and ancho chips and guacamole. They have a salsa bar which is delicious and an array of beverages, my favorite being the Mexican Coca-Cola or Jarritos sodas.

Baguette Epicerie – This is my personal favorite overall. I love French bakeries, breads and food. They have cheese and charcuterie plates, croques, pastries and baguette sandwiches. They have ice cream flavors that are unique and delicious; like Fruity Pebbles and Ube! They have an avocado toast that is absolutely gorgeous. On their plates they serve all kinds of meats, cheeses, jams and tiny pickles. My favorite thing I’ve had here so far is their herbes de provance butter on toasted baguette slices; so simple, light and refreshing.

All of these places are popular (go figure!) so try to avoid the lunch rush if you can to avoid lines. As amazing as this place already is, they’ll soon be getting even better; online ordering for pick up will be launching soon and eventually they’ll have delivery too! Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and fun food photos.