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The Importance of Editing

Written by Rebekka Paulsen
April 9, 2021

Every business owner knows that there are many things that are on their to-do list for their business, especially when it comes to their internet presence. They have to have an updated website, keep up with web maintenance, post to social media accounts, manage their online reputation, etc. It’s a lot. We know.

However, there’s one more thing that we think deserves to be on your to-do list: editing! It doesn’t seem like much, but it makes a big difference.

It is unprofessional to have an unedited website and business materials. We understand that grammar and editing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be in order to have edited writing for your business because you can easily hire someone within your budget to do it for you. If you want your company to be seen as a true contender in the competition for your potential customers’ business, you will need to have all your materials edited. Any errors in your writing make your company look inexperienced.

A poorly edited website is not only distracting but also not accessible for people who use text readers. If any words are misspelled or the grammar is faulty, the text reader that helps people navigate your website can’t do its job properly, and people will leave your site. It is also not accessible for people who are translating your website into a language they are more comfortable reading. Their translator can not fix sentences before translating. It will translate all the issues directly, making it unintelligible in the other language.

Another reason why having an edited website is key to your company’s success is for search results reasons. Google is less likely to properly index your website’s keyword phrases for search results if your keywords are misspelled. While Google offers autocorrect options to searchers, Google’s algorithms are set to index the well-written properly spelled pages than those that have spelling errors. As you can guess, the less correct keywords are in your website, the lower your company will appear on the search results list when people search for topics related to your company. This can be quite detrimental for your business. The less people find your company in search results, the less people buy your products or services.

We often hear that someone doesn’t want to have a well edited website because they think it sounds friendlier and more personable if it’s unedited. However, there’s a difference between using colloquial language (informal, conversational language) and having unedited writing. There are ways of having perfectly edited writing that is still friendly and down-to-earth.

If you aren’t confident in your editing abilities, don’t have the time to edit, or want a second opinion on the edits you have already made, we are happy to help you! We can proofread, edit, and revise your website and any written materials that your company has. We can also implement any of the edits and revisions to your website that we’ve recommended so that you can use your time on the more important things on your to-do list. Just contact us at

Rebekka Paulsen, Vice President

About Rebekka Paulsen

Published professional essayist, poet, and short story author. Spoken and written French and Spanish. Dancer with experience and training in classical and contemporary ballet, modern, tap and liturgical.

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