CeSI’s (Cascade e-Commerce Solutions, Inc.) latest redesign challenge came from Spacewall West. The company, which manufactures and sells slatwall and accessories, was looking to simplify and enhance the ordering process for both current and prospective customers of their West Coast manufacturing plants. Spacewall West also wanted to improve their product display layout to better show all options, including product color, orientation and groove spacing.  Finally, they desired a modern, updated site, with a fresh color scheme and a navigation structure that assisted customers in quickly finding products by plant location.


As a starting point, CeSI reviewed the existing Spacewall West websites to determine aspects that worked well, such as a prominent, good-sized header image of an installation of some of their products, an easy to find Resources list, Testimonials, and a Photo gallery.

CeSI also looked at a number of the company’s competitors’ websites to identify best practices for serving customers’ needs and facilitating action. This research led CeSI to design navigational aids to help customers quickly find products, place orders and easily locate contact information. A blog or “In the News” section was added so that Spacewall West could connect directly to their customers to respond to service needs and questions and to share the latest news about the company, as well as showcase new products and options. Furthermore, a shopping cart was implemented so as to significantly optimize/streamline the ordering process and assist the customer in organizing product selections (with price review) prior to placing an order.

Apparel Store Wall

Next, CeSI’s comprehensive keyword research methods revealed a need to not only retain, but to enrich Spacewall West’s resource listings. This information was very popular among customers attempting to learn more about products and materials in order to apply that knowledge to a purchase.

CeSI’s customer-focused design and development protocol called for attention to making a website easier to access and utilize for both Spacewall West AND their customers.  This objective was achieved through building the new website in Silverstripe – a powerful software, combining “an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) with an extensible framework”. This allows Spacewall West to update the website’s content with little or no knowledge of HTML, the basic language of the web. It also means the website can accommodate Spacewall West’s entire inventory in both West Coast locations (Seattle and Los Angeles).  In addition, CeSI used Silverstripe to implement a design that adapts the layout according to the device being used to view the page – known as Responsive Design. So, whether Spacewall West’s customers view the website on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone, they can have a more pleasant viewing experience and quickly navigate the website, selecting products and placing orders.


As a result of CeSI’s redesign implementation, Spacewall West received a new customer-focused website with a modernized color scheme and navigation system, an updated product layout structure and enhanced ways for their customers to place orders or to otherwise interact with the company. These changes will improve the experience for their current and prospective customers, a key aspect of website revenue generation. Along with these improvements, Spacewall West will be able to easily update their website without having to know complex programming languages.


Old Website


New Website

What the Client Has to Say

“I could not be happier and more satisfied with Elizabeth Paulsen and her crew at Cascade E Commerce. From the beginning of the bidding process, she was very thorough and clearly wanted to gain the best understanding of our products, services and client base. Once we started actual work on our website, I was amazed at how quickly she and her staff came to understand our product line. She has been able to explain to me, a non-techie, exactly what she has done and why. As we got closer to completion of the site, we were both so excited about the look and feel of the website. I know she really cares about our success. I would highly recommend Cascade Ecommerce Solutions for website development.”

Sue Waller, Sales and Marketing Manager, Spacewall West