Search Engine Optimization is the multi-step and ongoing process of improving a business’ website and social pages and maps listings. It includes the following efforts:

  • removing barriers to search engine robots that are constantly looking for new and updated pages to add to their directories,
  • decreasing web page and image load speed,
  • assuring that the text of each page includes the relevant keyword phrases that people are using in search, and
  • improving the user experience for people who find the pages.

The result of this work is that the search engines, especially Google, will rank the business’ pages more frequently and more highly in their organic search engine results. And in turn the result of this is higher quantity and quality of traffic to the website and other pages. In other words, the business will get more web traffic (visits) and contacts from people who are interested in the business’ products and services.

The ultimate goals for the work are to get more customers or clients and more sales.