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Word of Mouth in the Times of COVID

Written by Rebekka Paulsen
May 12, 2021
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We all know how much COVID has impacted the economy and many businesses. That’s why networking is so important right now! However, networking the old, pre-COVID, word-of-mouth way is not quite an option again yet, so we’ve comprised a list of networking tactics that you can do as you get your business back on its feet:

  1. Get super involved in Linkedin, like SUPER involved. Write posts everyday. Start discussion with people. Connect with people that you met one time and didn’t know whether or not you should connect before.
  2. Talk with your local chamber of commerce and attend any events they are starting back up again, especially the virtual ones.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk to any of your contacts from the past. They are looking for business connections as much as you are. This includes any old business associates, coworkers, people who you went to school with, professors, friends, etc.
  4. Contact your alma matter’s alumni office and tell them you’re open to them connecting you to other people and businesses.

We know that these tactics will probably push your comfort zones to the max. At first, it is very uncomfortable to talk to people that you don’t know or that you thought you weren’t connected to anymore. There are no promises that they’ll be up for connecting. However, the chances that they are and that you both can benefit each other’s careers and businesses is worth all the risk and discomfort.

The nice thing about all these tactics is that they can all be done virtually, over the phone, or online. You don’t have to network in-person to strengthen your business. Despite all that COVID has done to our world, you can still communicate with others and your business can still make an impact in our communities and the economy.

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